Sabado, Pebrero 4, 2017

Good Taste, Healthy Food, All At Live Life Vegetarian Restaurant

If you are looking for a place to have a good meal, alone or with your love one, then look no further for somewhere in Makati City is a dining place that offers healthy and tasty dishes; healthy because vegetables are the main star in all its dishes. 

Live Life Vegetarian Food Restaurant is located just a block away from Don Bosco Makati and just across a BPI branch along Chino Roces Avenue and before CW Home Depot if you are coming from the direction of the fore mentioned school.  This restaurant has been there for three years and is doing good within its niche in the food industry.

Despite the years of service, I find it strange that they still have some slight misses in some of their offered dishes in terms of sauce level; such was my observation when they served Chili con Tofu during the time that I was there.  It was watery compared to the usual chili con dish that I am familiar with.  Same can be said with their Lumpiang Sariwa.  This is a classic vegetarian dish but somehow there was a flavor missing.  I just cannot put a pin on the missing flavor but there is.

Vegetable Paella

Misses they may have but they also have great hits in some of their dishes, such as:  Vegetarian Paella, Vegetable Samosa, Eggplant with Misu, Vegetarian Curry and their offered dessert then – Turon.  Of all the dishes I have mentioned, what I enjoyed best were the Eggplant with Misu and Turon

Eggplant with Misu

The Eggplant with Misu was a delight in both texture and flavor.  This Japanese inspired dish is a delight due to the way they have prepped the vegetable and infused the misu into it.  There was a light sweetness and saltiness that balances off one and the texture was quite notable because there was smoothness with it countered by the normal skin texture of a cooked eggplant.

The Turon was a winner!  You see the banana slice but what you get to taste is the jackfruit in it.  This is a turon that has a strong jackfruit flavor hiding the ripe banana.  It is a novelty for me because when you get a commercial turon, what you see and taste is the banana and the jackfruit is a hit and miss at times.  For them, the jackfruit took precedence.
What is commendable with the place is the way they were able to recreate dishes that are meat and cream based (with cheese) without losing the usual flavor that one is familiar with.  Who would have thought that a certain nut can recreate the milky goodness of cheese when pureed properly.

Enjoy a buffet lunch or dinner every weekend at Live Life Vegetarian Food Restaurant for only Php 350 + per head.  Not only will you have good tasty dishes to choose from but also have a healthy dining experience that you can share with the one you love.   

Sabado, Nobyembre 12, 2016

Booky's Partnership with Lugang Cafe and Tuan Tuan is Now Official.

Booky, the #1 local food app and the biggest restaurant discount platform in the country is now in partnership with two of the best food brands - Lugang Cafe and Tuan Tuan Chinese Brasserie.

More popularly known in China as Bellagio Café, Lugang Café serves authenthic Taiwanese cuisine courtesy of Chinese chefs at the helm of the kitchen.  Tuan Tuan, on the other hand, is the first Chinese Brasserie in the Philippines.  It offers Hong Kong comfort food with French flair within its sophisticated yet cozy European-inspired interiors.

Known for their take on well known and loved Taiwanese and Hong Kong dishes, Lugang and Tuan Tuan joins Booky as one of their restaurant partners.  What started as a word of mouth dining experience, the owners of both prime dining establishments believe that this will open new venue's and clientele for them besides their strong organic reach. 

To officially kick off the partnership, Lugang and Tuan Tuan will be participating in Booky’s upcoming #EATSale, a flash sale promotion dedicated to giving its users Php500 off all day, every day at selected restaurants for one week, subject to a minimum spend of just Php1000.  Booky’s #EATSale promotion with Lugang Café and Tuan Tuan Brasserie will run from November 11 – 17, 2016.

Booky Prime subscriptions let diners enjoy discounts of up to Php500 off when they book a table at over 500 top restaurants in Metro Manila and Tagaytay.  They also get a free dessert when they fill out Booky’s customer feedback form.  New users may sign up for a free trial to get Php1000 worth of discount credits which decreases every time the user avails of a discount via booking.  After the free trial, users may subscribe for only Php199/month to enjoy unlimited discounts.  Even without a subscription, the Booky app allows users to search over 15,000 restaurants and 10,000 menus in Manila even while they are offline.

For Ben Wintle, CEO of Booky, “Booky’s #EATSale is one way of our ways in which we strive to give our users maximum value out of our service.  Lugang and Tuan Tuan are well loved premium brands and we’re proud to give diners more enjoyable dining experiences through Booky.”

Enjoy the fine dishes of Lugang Café and Tuan Tuan Chinese Brasserie through Booky and with the #EATSale program starting November 11 – 17, 2016.  Participating branches include Lugang SM Aura, SM Megamall, Glorietta 1 and SM North EDSA; and Tuan Tuan SM Aura, Promenade, SM Megamall and Rockwell.

Jollibee #CreamyFloats - Tunay na Bida Ka Dito!

Have you tried drinking something that is so refreshingly creamy but at the same time energizing? How about a simple twist to your favorite hot drink?

Jollibee Food Corporations, the leading Filipino foodchain in the Philippines is home to two chill drinks for Filipinos to love!  From your regular hot coffee and chocolate drink during morning treats, here comes a cold version in two ways:  Jollibee Creamy Floats and Jollibee Iced!  Two delightful ways to enjoy your hot drinks during sunny weather! Topped with their signature soft vanilla ice cream and well-loved chocolate sauce, choose from either chocolate or coffee base and what you will have is the #JollibeeCreamyFloats!  Want something lighter but still refreshingly energizing; then simply have it #Iced and be on the go all day long!  

To show how truly delightful this cold drinks are, Jollibee has hosted a meet-and-greet event at their Bautista St. cor. Buendia St. in Makati City location.  This was a meet-and-greet event between the invited parties and Jollibee Iced and Creamy Floats creations.  People had a blast of matching their drinks to the classic food pieces of Jollibee that we have come to enjoy and love!  Have it with chicken, pasta, hotdogs or burger and you will definitely find your perfect matchingparang pag-ibig lang (like love).

Why do I like this? Let me tell you why:
-  It is coffee made interesting in an easy way. (I just love coffee!)
-  It's sugar level may be high for diabetics but having it as a treat is not that threatening. (Unless you have it on a near daily basis.)
-  It is affordable.
-  It is coffee made creamier and served cold.  Perfect for all types of weather and food.  (Yes it is!)
-  It is JOLLIBEE! (Need I say more?)

Known for their #BidaKaDito and #LanghapSarap food mark, the Jollibee Iced and Creamy Floats Creation truly captures a good aged spectrum in the Filipino food market.  From the young to the millennial, who truly loves both chocolate and coffee treats, they aim to give what you like and still be in a place that you are at home at.   Sa Jollibee bida ka dito!

Sabado, Nobyembre 5, 2016

Ozamiz Trip Part 3: Kaon Na Ta!

It is normal for a foodie to go offroad when it comes to food hunting.  Besides eating the regular offering you see in restaurants, you then try out those being offered located either in the nooks and crannies of the city or those in really old nearly forgotten establishments.  Such was the case during my stay in Ozamiz.

Php 2 per stick pork barbecue
One food item that is a must to try is the Php 2 worth a piece of pork barbecue.  You will find it nearly everywhere in Ozamiz but the best tasting and consistent in terms of meat softness can only be found at Aguada.  Look for Johann’s Grill and Restaurant or simply Johann’s Cuisine.  Located right besides Adriana’s Pension House, this hole in the wall type of establishment may be small in size compared to its neighboring food place but people do go here for its food.  Johann’s barbecue is so tasty that going through a handful of this barbecue is such a breeze.  One stick of pork barbecue is a good bite and a half or one if you are a biter indeed.  It is soft, juicy, and flavored right.  You can order a barbecue bouquet and simply munch on it a stick at a time.

The kilawin in Ozamiz is far different from what is common in Manila. Not because of the fish. Not because of the how it is served.  It is how it is made.  Kilawin as we know it is fish meat cooked in vinegar and then seasoned to taste with onions, salt and pepper.  Theirs is cooked not 100% with vinegar but with biasong, this local lime is so rich in flavor that you will enjoy eating each dish you get to encounter with this fruit as an ingredient.

The slices that you see is biasong

The dragon fruit of Ozamiz is far different from what we are familiar with in the north.  Instead of a milky white interior, what you have is rich magenta like color of the meat.  Unlike its northern counterpart, the dragon fruit of the south is much juicier, thus richer in flavor.  During harvest season, this fruit literally covers the street by those who peddle it.

Kinny's Torta
I have tasted the torta of Cebu. When compared to the torta creation of Kinny’s Bakeshop, man doesn’t it goes down in shame.  This local pastry version of the south is so soft that is comparable to a nicely made chiffon.  It has a springy top, meaning it has the right air inside and was cooked at the right temperature.  It is not that sweet or sticky to the hand.  You have to find and try this torta creation of Kinny’s Bakeshop in Ozamiz.  Kinny’s Bakeshop is along Kaamino St, across China Bank.  You know they are good for their morning pandesal goes poof before the clock hits 7.

Kinny's Pandesal

Remy's Francis/Frances
Speaking of pandesal, did you know that in Ozamiz, they have what they call the Father of Pandesal?  Yes they do and they call it Francis or Frances!  This bread creation is daunting in size but when you get to sink your teeth into it, you would understand why it is related to the pandesal.  The size of this bread creation is about ¾ of a regular hotdog bun and it is priced at Php5 a piece.  There are two local and old bakeshops in Ozamiz that makes good version of this bread; Kinny’s Bakeshop is one and the other is Remy’s Bakeshop (located near the public market).  Old they may be but they sure do know their bread craft.

Two kakanin which I have “discovered” by chance were kiping and their version of a bbq’d saba.  It was a worthy discovery!

It was a Saturday morning, I along with a friend, decided to feel the morning rays of Ozamiz.  So we were seated outside the café which was part of the pension house where we were staying when I saw a middle aged lady carrying a big tub on her head.  The tub was covered in plastic and there was something in it that she was peddling.  She passed by our spot when curiosity as to what she has truly bit me and I have to call her back.  That was my first meeting with kiping. Initially I thought it was called tipig, then a companion corrected me and it was tupig, then our local host told us that it is kiping.  This thin flat crispy snack is made out of kamoteng kahoy finely grounded then dried before being cooked.  When served to you, they will pour in syrup made from latik.  A must try! This is one light snack that you can also share with a friend.

Barbecued (bbq’d) saba is common in the area of Quezon and in some parts of Laguna.  The version that I have encountered in Ozamiz is similar and different at the same time.  This bbq’d saba experience was made when I took a trip to the spring pool of Regina’s.  Similar because the saba is pierced by a stick then grilled.  Different because what happens after grilling is something that will either boggle your logical mind or make your foodie side try it out.  After stating your interest of purchasing a stick of saba (2pcs per stick), they will still grill it a bit and then brush margarine on it.  That margarine will serve as an adhesive to the white sugar that they will roll or sprinkle on your saba.  Another purpose of the margarine is to give added juice to the fruit since it is not the nearly ripe type that they use.  Take a bite and you will have the crunch from the sugar granules, the taste of the saba and that slight mix flavor of saba and margarine.  It is a good snack for Php 5 a stick.

Common this may be but when you get to taste it, you would say it is different!  The soy and pearls are same to the one we have here in the greater metro.  It is the syrup that is different; it is made of latik.  You taste that latik flavor once you take your first sip and make that breakfast treat a truly South. True to say that the syrup truly makes or breaks a taho.

One thing that captured my taste bud and brought back good memories was the viands served at Johann’s.  Their version of bolinao and humba are similar to the one that I grew up with that it simply brings back good memories.  Bolinao are your fresh anchovies, floured and then fried till crunchy; good for munching or as a viand.  I have tasted humba that was made by a kapampangan, a bicolana and even by a tubong Manileno but nothing beats the one with a thick sauce and tender meat served still at Johann’sBecause my father is Visayan, somehow the humba I grew-up too is similar to the one in Ozamiz.  Good food, good memories!  By the way, the kinilaw that I mentioned earlier is also found at Johann’s Grill / Johann’s Cuisine – located at Aguada, besides Adriana’s Pension House.



There are other food establishments worth mentioning in Ozamiz but they deserve to be posted separately.  For now, I hope you get to salivate and enjoy some food goodies I found in this quiet but dynamic place called Ozamiz.

Biyernes, Nobyembre 4, 2016

Photoblog 5: Flying Back Home

This is the last of my basic photoblog series showing my time in Ozamiz.  I hope you like it so far (well you wouldn't reach this part if not, right?)

Time to pack up and begin the trip back home.

Flight Departure:  7'sh in the morning of October 31, 2016.

On the runway

And we are off!

See the city

And we have landed!

Hope you enjoyed the photoseries!